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This month’s postcard comes from Akita Prefecture, in the far north of Japan.

Just in time for winter… there is nothing like a piping hot onsen (hot spring) to make you excited about the winter cold!

This shot was taken at Tsurunoyu, a ryokan (traditional inn) in the very far north of Japan. To get here you have to go on a long journey: three hours by bullet train into the northern countryside; an hour by country bus deep into Akita Prefecture; and finally the ryokan shuttle takes you the last leg deep into the cold, quiet woods.

When you finally arrive you are greeted with a heartwarming cup of green tea, a toasty tatami-lined room, and a yukata (robe) to change into. Then it’s off to the outdoor bath!

There is nothing – nothing! – like the feeling of bathing in a natural outdooronsen, in the middle of the forest, with snowflakes hitting your head.

This is one of the more remote onsen experiences you can have in Japan, but even if you don’t have much time in the country, you can get your authenticonsen ryokan experience!

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