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This month’s postcard comes from one of Japan’s most dynamic cities.

When most people think of Hiroshima, fun and lively are certainly not the first words that come to mind.

Yet this western Japanese city is full of character and grit, and would be worth a visit even were it not for its historical importance.

When you arrive at Hiroshima Station (it’s less than two hours from Kyoto and Osaka by bullet train), board the charming and old-fashioned Hiroden streetcar to the Peace Memorial Park.

You could easily spend several hours here immersing yourself in the tragic events of World War II, with various monuments, including the powerful A-Bomb Dome as well as the Peace Memorial Museum.

But after learning about the horrors of the past, return to the present and you’ll find that the Hiroshima of today is home to friendly, outgoing people (characteristic of much of western Japan!), and hearty, delicious cuisine.

Befitting a laid-back western Japanese city, Hiroshima is full of tachinomi (stand bars) and izakayas. Both sake and shochu vie for primacy, and the town of Saijo (an easy day trip away), is one of Japan’s preeminent sake producing areas. Culinarily, Hiroshima is most famous for okonomiyaki, and in winter the local oysters are worth seeking out at every opportunity! Check GetHiroshima for things to see and do in the city.

When visiting Hiroshima, we always recommend visiting nearby Miyajima, a short ferry ride away. Miyajima is home to the iconic Itsukushima Shrine (even if you have never heard of it, chances are you’ve seen its photo!). It makes for an excellent day trip, or an overnight if you have the time.

Since, compared to cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, Hiroshima is rather lacking in luxury and boutique hotel options, some travelers choose to base themselves in Miyajima instead, where you can stay in a ryokan. Another option, for those seeking a more off-the-beaten-path experience, is to stay in Onomichi, a charming coastal town with unique accommodations located about an hour away.

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