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This month’s postcards come from the charming town of Kurashiki and the art island of Naoshima.

Kurashiki is a beautifully-preserved town just outside the city of Okayama, which is about one hour west of Kyoto by bullet train.

Its most famous ryokan (traditional inn) is the luxurious Ryokan Kurashiki, where the top photo was taken. Dinner here is a multi-course kaiseki feast of seasonal ingredients and local specialties. The ryokan itself has just 5 rooms, and you can expect extremely warm and personal service.

Driving south from Kurashiki you reach the coast of the Seto Inland Sea. Just 45 minutes from Kurashiki is the port of Uno, from where you hop on the short ferry (20 minutes) across to the magical art island of Naoshima.

The second photo above is one of Naoshima’s most famous symbols, the playful yellow pumpkin from renowned artist Yayoi Kusama. It is located right in front of Benesse House, which doubles as a modern art museum and hotel.

If you have time make sure to spend a couple of days on Naoshima, so you have time to see Benesse House, the Chichu Art Museum, the Art House Project and more. A small side trip to the neighboring island of Teshima (to see the stunning Teshima Art Museum structure) is also incredibly worthwhile.

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