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This month’s postcard comes from one of Japan’s most charming destinations. Have a look and see if you can guess where this is:

If you haven’t been to Japan, or explored this particular destination in depth, the answer may surprise you.

Despite its size and density, the city of Tokyo is full of quiet, charming streets just like the one you see above. I took this photo in the backstreets of the Omotesando neighborhood, but this is far from an anomaly.

I spent years living on a similar street in a different section of Tokyo. Despite being in the center of the city (just a short bike ride from the Imperial Palace), my neighborhood had no skyscrapers, and the quiet streets were full of cute old houses, old-fashioned retailers (for example, our local tofu maker), and small parks and gardens.

In popular perception, Tokyo is an impossibly crowded metropolis where salarymen struggle to squeeze onto crowded subway cars. While this experience is real for some Tokyo residents, it is a very small slice of the overall reality.

There is good reason Monocle magazine recently found Tokyo to be the world’s most livable city: aside from its unparalleled cultural and culinary offerings, it’s also astoundingly safe (especially considering its size), and full of peaceful spaces throughout.

If you’d like to experience a deeper side of Tokyo, make sure to have a look at our tips on what to do if you have one day in Tokyo.

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Due to unprecedented demand, we are basically no longer able to consider inquiries for travel this October. November (the foliage season) is also filling up very fast, and availability in places such as Kyoto is extremely limited.

But this is the perfect time to try and finalize Winter travel plans, and early planners already have a head start on Spring (cherry blossom season) 2016 trip planning.

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