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This month’s postcard is a cozy bowl of warmth in the midst of a cold winter:

No doubt, winter is not for everyone. Some people (like many Californians I know!) go to great lengths to avoid the cold – perhaps understandably.

But winter is full of joys, as well, and there is nothing like enjoying a heartwarming bowl of ramen on a frigid February day.

This photo was taken in Kyoto, on Kiyamachi-dori. Kiyamachi is a great street running parallel to the Kamogawa (Kamo River), which traces a canal and is lined with restaurants and bars.

Food is just one of several things that makes winter in Japan magical. For a few others (including my absolute favorite), check out our post on the top reasons to visit Japan in winter

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Believe it or not, it’s already time to start planning for autumn and winter trips!

While it’s definitely not too late yet, take note that planning for these two seasons is already well underway.

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