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This month’s postcard comes from Tokyo, Japan. Do you recognize this type of noodle?

Even though ramen gets a lot more press, Japan is also renowned for its soba and udon noodles.

The photo above was taken at a unique udon shop specializing in both fusion-style udon as well as traditional preparations. If you’re in central Tokyo near the brand-new Toranomon Hills complex, it’s a great lunch option!

Hit reply to this email and I’ll be happy to send you the shop information in English (here is a link to their Japanese-language website).

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If you were thinking about a Spring trip to Japan – and you haven’t booked your trip yet – it may be worth reconsidering!

Thanks to record numbers of visitors and unprecedented demand, we have basically stopped taking inquiries for travel this Spring, and are now considering inquiries from mid-May and later.

It’s definitely not too late to plan a trip for mid-May, June or later, but if you’re thinking about it we definitely recommend starting the planning process now.

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