Trip Planning with Boutique Japan

Curious about traveling to Japan with us? Below you will find essential information about what it’s like to plan your trip with Boutique Japan.

The Basics

Our specialty is crafting bespoke trips for travelers seeking unique experiences.

Whether you usually plan your own trips, or normally work with a destination expert, planning a trip to Japan can seem overwhelming.

We’re here to help you get the most out of your precious time in Japan, without feeling like you’re rushing around.

Bamboo forest in Sagano Arashiyama district Kyoto Japan

Bamboo forest Arashiyama, Kyoto

We’ll make the process as fun and effortless as possible, so you can simply relax and savor every moment of your experience.

Your trip is designed completely around you – to focus on the aspects of Japan that most interest you – and we take care of all the essential arrangements so you can simply enjoy the experience.

While the details vary from trip to trip, the list below is an overview of what our trips typically include.

See a specific example of how we planned one trip from start to finish.

As one of our travelers you get:

  • A Japan specialist to answer your questions & help you organize your thoughts
  • A bespoke itinerary based on our in-depth Japan expertise, relationships & firsthand experience
  • All your accommodations in hotels & ryokans to match your taste
  • Unique private tours & experiences, with a mix of freedom, support & structure to match your travel style (from private tours every day to no tours at all)
  • Expertly-planned transport & logistics for peace of mind & convenience
  • Recommendations for authentic, memorable experiences, including well-known highlights and hidden gems
  • Extensive pre-departure information, including money, packing, etiquette, staying connected, Wi-Fi, essential words & phrases and much more
  • Thoughtful customer service & 24/7 emergency assistance while in Japan

hakata ramen fukuoka kyushu japan

Since people ask on occasion, it is important to mention a few things with which we are unable to assist.

Because of our focus on personalized service and bespoke itineraries — to ensure each trip gets the full attention it deserves — we only offer complete trips (as opposed to “a la carte” services).

Please also note that itemized cost breakdowns are not available, and all products and services are sold as a complete customized package. Because of this it’s important to discuss any budget-related goals or constraints before we begin crafting an itinerary (for more on pricing, please see below).

Lastly, as passionate as we are about food and culinary experiences, we only offer restaurant reservations as part of private culinary outings with local experts, rather than on a standalone basis.

“We had an amazing time in Japan. We can’t thank you enough for helping us with the trip. We know that we never would have been able to see so much if we had planned this ourselves. You really made this such a carefree and enjoyable experience. Our tour guides were wonderful and your recommendations were extremely helpful!” – Lisa & Ruben, Florida

Crafting Your Japan Trip

As you can see on our About page, we strongly believe in fewer clients and richer experiences, and actively limit the number of trips we work on to ensure each trip gets the attention it deserves.

The first and most important step is to learn about your interests, priorities and travel style.

As soon as we have a good sense of your ideas and vision for the trip, we can begin putting together a trip outline for you.

Because of how much attention we pour into each trip, the process may not be as quick as requesting a proposal from a larger company offering a less customized experience. It’s important to get the details right, but we work as quickly and efficiently as possible.


You can get a sense of approximate pricing from the sample trips on our trips page. For easy reference, we have also included approximate pricing guidelines below.

shinjuku tokyo skyscraper city views

While no two of our trips are ever the same, they do tend to fall into one – or a mix – of the following three categories, depending on your interests, priorities and budget:

Our Luxury Trips feature the absolute best Japan has to offer, including stays at Japan’s top luxury hotels and ryokans, the best private guides and unique experiences, private cars and first-class train transport, and more. Prices for Luxury trips start at around $1,000 per person per day and up. See a sample Luxury trip.

Our Boutique Trips feature the optimal balance of comfort and luxury. You’ll stay at a carefully-selected boutique and luxury hotels and ryokans, the best private guides and unique experiences, a mix of private cars and public transportation, and more. Prices for Boutique trips start at about $800-$1,000 per person per day. See a sample Boutique trip.

Our Classic Trips feature select hotels and ryokans, all your transport between destinations, a mix of independent exploration and private guides, and more. Prices for Classic trips start at about $700-$800 per person per day. See a sample Classic trip.

Oirase Stream Lake Towada Aomori Prefecture Japan

Oirase Stream, Aomori Prefecture

Itinerary Design Fee

We typically request a preliminary itinerary design fee, which allows us to dedicate our time and efforts to each of our clients, and give each trip the personal love and attention it deserves.

The amount varies depending on various factors (such as trip length, itinerary intricacy, etc.) and is usually around $250-$500. While non-refundable, it is fully applicable toward the final cost of your trip.

If you have not yet made a decision, we completely understand. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

rotenburo or open-air onsen hot spring bath in japan

Japanese onsen (hot springs)

“I only have positive things to say about my experience with Boutique Japan Travel. They were everything a first time traveler to Japan would want.” – Harvey and Jan, Philadelphia

Ready to Plan Your Trip to Japan?

If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime Japan trip, the best way to start the conversation is to send us the details below.

Please note that, at the moment, we are temporarily at capacity and focused on assisting our current clients (more on why we work with fewer clients). If you are traveling 8-12 months from now, and would be open to beginning the trip-planning process 1-2 months from now or later, we would love to hear from you.

While we wish we could help everyone who reaches out to us, we are a small team and not always able to respond to inquiries that are not related to working together on a bespoke trip. If you are seeking trip advice, please refer to our free Japan Travel Tips & Resources.
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