Testimonials From Our Clients

As Japan specialists, we don’t just “do” Japan. We live and breathe Japan, and want you to experience the Japan we know and love.

We are obsessed with giving our travelers amazing experiences. See what some of our clients have said about their travels with us. You can also see independent third-party reviews left by past travelers on Google.

Boutique Japan Testimonials

Celia Coene, Hong Kong | Family Trip

“Andres is your ideal trip planner for Japan. He is so knowledgeable about Japan that it isn’t worth trying to organize it yourself, just leave it up to him! He makes it so easy and fun.

“We have just come back from our second family trip to Japan arranged by Andres, and once again we had an excellent time. Traveling with 2 small kids (2 and 5) has its challenges but Andres took it into account and made sure that everything was as easy as possible. He recommended fun places for kids too, such as Osaka Aquarium, which was great for them.

“The cherry blossoms, the breathtaking castles and gorgeous weather sure helped the good times as well. Don’t think twice and go with Boutique Japan, they are the best!”

boutique japan testimonials aron and cynthia kyoto arashiyama

Aron & Cynthia Rosenthal, Charleston | Couples Trip

“Boutique Japan = Perfect Trip. We could not have been happier with the itinerary and service provided by Andres and his staff at Boutique Japan.

“From the very first interaction, it was clear that Andres’ goal was to craft a personalized experience that we would never forget. Expectations were high as my lifelong dream trip was to explore Japan. However, they were met and exceeded every step of the way.

“Andres used his extensive experience from living in Japan to create a custom tour that allowed us to see all that we desired within the time frame allotted. From the hotels, to the suggested destinations, to the details such as transfers, luggage shipment, and Wi-Fi access, Boutique Japan had everything covered. This attention to detail gave us the freedom to enjoy our trip stress free. I will absolutely use Boutique Japan for my next adventure in Asia!”

Boutique Japan Testimonials

Lisa & Ruben, Florida | Couples Trip

“We had an amazing time in Japan. We can’t thank you enough for helping us with the trip.

“We know that we never would have been able to see so much if we had planned this ourselves. You really made this such a carefree and enjoyable experience. Our tour guides were wonderful and your recommendations were extremely helpful!”

Peter and Lyn Australia Boutique Japan Testimonials

Peter & Lyn, Australia | Couples Trip

“We are very experienced, independent, international travelers but we found trying to plan and book a personalised holiday in Japan in late 2015 to be very challenging. That is until we discovered Andres and the wonderful team at Boutique Japan.

“After describing our areas of particular interest in art, architecture, culture and fitness, Andres and his team crafted a wonderful three weeks in Japan that was filled with memories and experiences that we will keep forever.

“The hotel and ryokan bookings that they were able to secure for us and the seamless travel bookings were beyond our expectations and could only have been achieved because of their intimate knowledge and contacts in Japan.

“We have always prided ourselves on planning and delivering our own international travel experiences but we can honestly say that we will never travel to Japan (and we plan to do so many times) without using Andres and the team at Boutique Japan.”

Boutique Japan Testimonials

Shelley & Peter, Massachusetts | Couples Trip

“Our three week trip was planned with care and such detail that we were able to enjoy places that were more unusual than the bigger cities.

“We were mostly in more rural areas so we really appreciated the detailed information that Boutique Japan gave us. Often we were the only westerners in an area, which we really enjoyed. We were even able to make some last minute changes during the trip which we really appreciated.

“I would highly recommend Boutique Japan for planning, and helping us implement a trip of a lifetime.”

Boutique Japan Testimonials

Paula & Sven, Zambia | Honeymoon

“Boutique Japan dreamed, planned and organised the most perfect honeymoon for us! We could not be more thrilled with the collection of magical memories and treasures with which we now start our lives together.

“At first we were hesitant, because a trip to Japan is an investment when compared with some other travel destinations one can choose. Admittedly, we did try to arrange our own tour of Japan without an agent, but we had no doubt we were in good hands and Andres really seemed to understand what we were looking for.

“In the end we can say we received amazing value. Japan offers such a rich and diverse range of experiences and we could not imagine doing it any other way than in Boutique Japan style. We did and saw more in 13 days than we ever would have had we tried to arrange things ourselves. We were expertly guided some of the time and equipped with enough knowledge to explore on our own steam with ease the rest of the time.

“From the pre-trip itinerary planning, right until we arrived safely at home, the Boutique Japan team delivered the most amazing service and clear passion for what they do. Only snag is, we just want to go back and do it all over again! Can’t wait to get back in touch to plan and book our next adventure. Arigatou gozaimashita!”

Boutique Japan Testimonials Myke and Julie

Myke & Julie, New York City | Couples Trip

“We took one of the best trips of our lives to Japan through Boutique Japan.

“Two things in particular made the trip for us. The first was the time spent in advance getting to know the type of things we like and what we wanted to get out of the trip.

“Every moment felt handcrafted for us. From the world-class dining in Tokyo, where we were accompanied by a sake specialist who added incredible insight into the meal, to our museum stay in Naoshima. For us, it goes without saying we could never have planned something we’d have enjoyed more.

“Beyond that, when you’re traveling in Japan in the winter you can hit some rough weather. When we did, what could have been a stressful moment that could even have crippled the trip went by smoothly. Boutique Japan also helped us through the travel insurance claim process which was a godsend.

“If you’re going to an amazing place like Japan, and feel you don’t want to have the same experience that everyone who travels there might have, from the vastness of Tokyo to the striking mountains of the Alps, there are unique facets that Boutique Japan can help you discover. Boutique Japan knows how to find those moments that will be special to you.”

Boutique Japan Testimonials Kate and Varant

Kate & Varant, Australia | Couples Trip

“Boutique Japan masterfully crafted a spectacular and unforgettable two week Japanese journey for us. We had been dreaming of a Nippon adventure for some time, but never in our wildest dreams could we have planned a journey like this.

“Andres’ encyclopaedic knowledge, attention to detail, creativity, lightning quick responsiveness and insight made every step of our holiday magic. We fell in love and didn’t want to come home! Andres filled our (sometimes challenging!) brief effortlessly…even finding cherry blossoms at the end of the season and securing a booking at a phenomenal sushi counter.

“He surpassed every expectation and we were unfailingly supported throughout the whole process. Everything Boutique Japan did was incredibly thoughtful, personal and supportive. Beyond brilliant. Best trip ever. Cannot thank you enough.”

Boutique Japan testimonials Alex and Aaron Naoshima thumbnail

Alex Anderson & Aaron Kravitz, San Francisco, CA | Couples Trip

“Our itinerary included the word “epic” and the trip met our expectations and more! We have always planned our own trips, but were intimidated by the logistics around multi-city travel in Japan. Boutique Japan made it possible.

“They learned about our travel style to help shape our two week, 8-stop journey in a way that was both personal and logistically sound. We especially appreciated the accommodations, which were well-located and fit with our desire to see Japan “like a local.” The travel instructions made navigation smooth. The team was incredibly thorough: Due to their knowledge, we were able to eliminate hours of pre-trip planning, and to experience parts of Japan we might never have seen. Thank you, Boutique Japan!”

Boutique Japan Testimonials

Dominic Park | The Rolling Stones “14 On Fire” Tour 2014

“Your knowledgeable advice has enriched the experience of so many on this trip. You really made a massive difference to everyone’s trip here. So many people from the tour have commented on how much you enriched their experience of Tokyo. Your in-depth knowledge of the city gave all of us jaded touring travellers a glimpse of Tokyo as the locals see it. Really fantastic.”

Greg Hickman and Sarah Takimoto Boutique Japan testimonials

Greg Hickman & Sarah Takimoto, Denver | Couples Trip

“Our experience working with Boutique Japan was simply amazing.

“My wife and I have wanted to go to Japan for a long time but the planning part of the trip was always so difficult for us. My wife is in her third year of residency and I’m building my own company so our time is very valuable and finding the time to do the research just wasn’t happening.

“After a quick call we were able to start reviewing our itinerary that was hand-crafted based on our trip goals and interests. This part of the experience literally eliminated all of the stress of making sure we were ready and having everything we needed once we reached Japan, and we hadn’t even left yet!

“Finally we get to Japan and if you ask my wife she’ll tell you…there was not a day that passed of our trip where I didn’t say ‘working with Boutique Japan was the best possible investment we could have made – they crushed it!’

“We saw sooooo many things on our trip, our guides were amazing and the list of recommendations of places to go and restaurants to eat at while in our free time were simply on point. A perfect example is one of the sushi restaurants we went to that only sat eight people. When you’re sitting in a restaurant and a local asks you ‘how did you hear of this place, you’re lucky because it’s the best in town,’ it’s easy to grin and be thankful.

“Our trip was full of experiences just like that where our guides or locals were impressed with how we found these gems. I can’t say enough how perfect the experience was from start to finish. Every accommodation was perfect. The restaurant and cafe recommendations were all delicious and we enjoyed some of the best food we’ve ever had. Our guides were friendly, knowledgeable and couldn’t have been better selected. The organization of our tickets, and travel documents made it super easy on travel days from Tokyo to our ryokan, to Kyoto, and getting to Osaka for a day trip.

“If you’ve been wanting to get to Japan and want to make sure it’s the perfect trip, quit wasting time and work with Boutique Japan. You won’t regret it and your trip will be perfect. Period. We’re so grateful for everything the team at Boutique Japan did for us to make our experience perfect and they hit it out of the park.”

boutique japan travelers harvey and jan

Harvey and Jan, Philadelphia

“I only have positive things to say about my experience with Boutique Japan Travel. They were everything a first time traveler to Japan would want. They were attentive to our needs and desires; they offered sensitive guidance when we needed it; they were flexible when we changed some scheduling on the fly; and they were overall a pleasure to deal with.

“I highly and without reservation recommend them and plan on utilizing them again in the future. A job well done!”

Shiomoto Japan trip Boutique Japan testimonials

David Shiomoto, California | Friends Group Trip

“We recently returned from a fantastic two-week vacation in Japan planned by Andres and his staff at Boutique Japan.

“We had a group of nine very diverse people, from 25 to 79 years old, with most over 60. Andres was able to create a detailed itinerary that took into account everyone’s wish list, physical limitations and dietary needs…no small feat.

“Every detail was taken care of including hotels and a ryokan in great locations, private transportation, wonderful tour guides, advance tickets and restaurant recommendations. Andres exceeded my high expectations with ease.

“Japan is known for their outstanding customer service but it really starts with Andres and Boutique Japan. I will definitely use his services again when I return to Japan (and I can’t wait to return).”

Boutique Japan Testimonials Scott Brills

Scott Brills, Detroit, Michigan | Friends Trip

“Andres and the Boutique Japan team did a great job constructing a custom day trip through the sake distilleries and tea processors of Kyoto for the six of us.

“We didn’t really know where to start, but they took care of everything for us and provided an online itinerary for us. Communication throughout the process was top-notch, and Andres was always available whenever we had questions regarding our itinerary. We will definitely be recommending their services in the future.”

boutique japan testimonials honeymoon becky and jay new york city

Becky & Jay, New York City | Honeymoon

“Boutique Japan planned our honeymoon in February 2016. Our overall experience with them was absolutely exceptional, I could not recommend them more.

“My husband and I love to travel but had never used a travel agent before (truth is we’ve always been skeptical). We found an article written by Boutique Japan on the best sushi spots in Tokyo and decided to reach out to them – they seemed to be authentically in-the-know.

“We instantly connected with Andres, the founder and owner, who spent time on the phone listening to us talk about our preferred style of travel and what we’d ideally love to find, do, see and eat in Japan. We are a very food-oriented couple and were looking for an authentic food and cultural experience – we wanted to eat our way through the country, visit a mix of urban and rural areas, and explore Japan the most local way possible.

“Boutique Japan could not have delivered a better itinerary. Andres and Piper (the agent assigned to our trip) planned a 100% customized trip that was impeccably tailored to our style. They listened to everything we had told them, planning a perfect mix of urban and rural cities and days filled with fabulous tour guides and some of the best, local experiences we’ve ever had. The restaurants they recommended were some of the best meals of the trip (and our lives!).

”We felt like we had the ‘best of’ everywhere we went in terms of local recommendations, including hotels, ryokans, guides, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other little things to do along the way. Boutique Japan is constantly doing research on the country, so their advice/recommendations are extremely relevant and reflective of the latest trends, restaurant openings, etc. They have an expert handle on the culture and nuances of Japan, and their knowledge truly elevated our experience.

”We are forever spoiled by the A++++ hotels and ryokans they booked for us. Outside of picking the best hotels, tour guides and restaurants, Boutique Japan had exceptionally helpful tips along the way – luggage forwarding (a must-do in Japan that made travel even more seamless than it already was), how to take advantage of all the amazing things the shinkansen has to offer (specifically train snacks), and so many other tips. In addition, they took care of all logistics – hotels, trains, buses, etc. When we arrived at our first hotel there was a folder waiting for us with every voucher, train ticket, and everything else we might need for our entire two week trip.

“On top of everything, the service and staff at Boutique Japan is exceptional. Andres and Piper were unbelievably responsive and hands-on. They put an incredible amount of time and care into the planning and execution of our trip. They were such a true pleasure to work with, I could go on and on about how friendly and helpful they are. By coincidence Andres was in Japan at the time we were there and our trips overlapped in Tokyo. Andres met us for dinner and a night of exploring an incredible outdoor food market. We had one of most fun and local experiences of our honeymoon with him.

“Thank you thank you thank you Boutique Japan for an unforgettable honeymoon and by far the best vacation of our lives.”

Boutique Japan Testimonials

Brett & Kirsten, California | Couples Trip

“My wife and I just got back from our Boutique Japan trip, and it was fantastic.

“Andres has excellent attention to detail, and the information they put together was tremendously helpful along the way. Some say Americans will never feel as foreign anywhere in the world as they do when they’re in Japan, but all of the information that Boutique Japan provided beforehand made it much easier to adjust.

“I really feel like we got an experience that we probably couldn’t have put together on our own. Even if we could have, it would have taken a crazy amount of time to arrange. Even then, we probably couldn’t have found the same excellent guides and arranged good tickets to things like the final day of the sumo tournament. If we go back to Japan, we wouldn’t hesitate to work with Boutique Japan again.”

Boutique Japan Testimonials Natalie Sisson

Natalie Sisson, New Zealand | Friends Trip

“Andres provided outstanding attention to detail for our trip to Japan. We had an amazing day visiting a sake distillery and a tea factory and with all the right personal touches and a very knowledgeable guide.

“I was most impressed with Andres’ knowledge and quick responses on our options for the group. As well as how organized everything was with a detailed itinerary and instructions all sent in advance. Now Boutique Japan Travel Company is my go-to resource for everything as I continue to travel and enjoy my time here.”

Boutique Japan Testimonials Market

Shahin Mobine, San Diego, California | Couples Trip

“JAPAN IS THE GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH!! Let me explain how I’ve come to this conclusion. I haven’t always felt this way towards Japan. I wasn’t averse to visiting it, more like indifferent. But when my girlfriend announced she had purchased tickets to Japan, I thought I’d better change my tune. And that’s where Boutique Japan came in.

“They managed to cater to both of us creating a vivid and exciting itinerary that read more like a story; all the while taking care of all the logistics that we would have had NO idea how to do on our own! You can really tell they love Japan, and their enthusiasm is infectious. Our trip was amazing and seamless. Using Boutique Japan allowed us to really enjoy ourselves and experience the ‘real Japan’. Prior to this trip, neither of us ever used a travel specialist, always just winging it. Wow, what a difference it made! I am confident that if we never used Boutique Japan we would not have had the epic trip we had, and I would have never come to the conclusion that Japan is the greatest place on earth!”

Boutique Japan Testimonials

Jon and Ann, California | Couples Trip

“You’ll definitely have our business again on our next trip to Japan and we will happily refer any friends of ours your way when we learn of travel they have to Japan. I think you can tell we take vacation and exploration very seriously – and I speak for both of us when I say we’ve returned rejuvenated, if not rested!”

Boutique Japan Testimonials

Ithka Laws & David Gabrovec, Abu Dhabi, UAE | Surprise Birthday Trip

“My amazing husband worked with Boutique Japan (behind my back!) to help put together the most amazing surprise birthday trip ever. Having had the benefit of not doing any of the work but only enjoying the experience, I have to say there could not have been a more perfectly planned trip.

“Boutique Japan was incredibly helpful and detailed in their planning and recommendations, and really understood our aesthetic and requirements while traveling. They were also very thoughtful (they sent me a birthdayday video during the trip!) and incredibly hands on during the entire trip. I highly recommend their service, and as an avid traveler I have never encountered a team so committed to creating perfect holidays for their clients.”

A friendly sake seller in Takayama, Japan

Cathy & Mark, Houston, USA | Couples Trip

“Boutique Japan helped us arrange three wonderful weeks in Japan.

“We visited seven different locations in the country which required someone (not me, thank goodness) to arrange all the travel, hotels, and transfers – not to mention the actual fun stuff like tours of local sites, unique food tours and even a shopping guide. It was a good mix of seeing the major sites but customized to our interests with some ‘off the beaten path’ experiences thrown in (like a private tea with a geisha).

“I know these days, you can do all kinds of research on the internet yourself, but to be honest, who has time? I always found myself researching everything to death and being paralyzed by too much information. This was my first time using a travel agent/guru and I’m forever spoiled by it. Thanks Boutique Japan!”

Boutique Japan Testimonials

The Miller Family, Palo Alto | Family Trip

“It was awesome. You guys rock!

“Everything worked out perfectly. Even the weather. Thank you so much. The kids loved it. Kyoto was a big surprise hit as well.”

boutique japan testimonial chertavian family kamikochi japan

Chertavian Family, Massachusetts | Family Trip

“We had a wonderful trip and appreciate your help in making it so special. Everything worked out as planned (small typhoon deviation but not much of a problem). Everyone agreed it was one of our best family trips. The combination of activities worked really well for us and I think it was timed perfectly.

“Top 5 things were:

  • Climbing Fuji (pretty tough to do in one day…two might be advisable)
  • Miyajima (the mountain gondola and hike were great, town was fun)
  • Hiroshima (very meaningful for the kids to see this)
  • Bike Tour in Hida Takayama (guide was great and we met several locals which made it special)
  • Pottery tour in Kyoto was perfect for my wife and the kids enjoyed it too

“Other cool highlights:

  • Kids loved the taiko drum lesson (samurai lesson was good but not great)
  • Tokyo was great (Robot Restaurant was crazy but worth seeing…once; Ninja restaurant had great food)
  • Sculpture park in Hakone was amazingly good
  • Hiking in Kamikochi was beautiful”

Boutique Japan Testimonials

Jenny and Bryan, Pittsburgh | Couples Trip

“My husband and I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Japan planned by Boutique Japan. Their attention to detail, responsiveness and knowledge of Japan is amazing. All of the documents they prepared for us before our trip was extremely helpful and made traveling throughout Japan much easier. They listened to our interests and planned a wonderful itinerary. Our trip would not have been anywhere near as successful if it wasn’t for Andres and Boutique Japan.”

Boutique Japan Testimonials

James & Oscar, London | Couples Trip

“I cannot recommend Boutique Japan highly enough! My partner and I travelled to Japan for two weeks in April 2014, during the height of the cherry blossom season. Although we had made plans for our first week to take in Tokyo and Kyoto, we had nothing planned for the second week and felt that we were rapidly running out of options as everything we looked at was either fully booked or filling up fast.

“However, with less than two weeks’ notice in what was peak season, they managed to create a fantastic trip for us to Shikoku’s Iya Valley. Highlights for us that week were our stay at the lovely Ryokan Kurashiki, the Ritsurin garden in Takamatsu, the hot springs at the Hotel Kazurabashi, climbing Tsuguru mountain, rafting down the Yoshino River and crossing the famous vine bridges. I am very grateful to them for going the extra mile to help us in a very short timeframe. They are knowledgeable, responsive, thorough and a pleasure to work with. Thank you!”

Boutique Japan Testimonials

Carl & Caren, Atlanta | Couples Trip

“Andres at Boutique Japan was wonderful. Helpful from day one, he guided us toward a Japan trip we loved, despite the fact that we started out knowing almost nothing about Japan.

“Most enjoyable/memorable parts of the trip: the temple stay at Mount Koya, climbing up Mount Inari in Kyoto, the hotel in Takayama, and the baseball game and sumo matches were also outstanding.”

Boutique Japan Testimonials

Tina & Glade, California | Couples & Family Trip

“Boutique Japan epitomizes the Japanese standard of service that we have come to appreciate from our travels within the country. This trip exceeded our expectations and was one of the best vacations we’ve been on.

“Andres did an amazing job fulfilling our ‘wish list’ of scenic vistas, onsen, and sensational kaiseki meals. We toured Hokkaido, Tokyo, Nagano for snow monkey viewing and saw historic Kyoto. We ended our trip at the amazing Hakone Ginyu. Our trip ran like clockwork and the travel details helped guide us to our next destination.

“Personally, this trip was a transformative experience. I will not hesitate to use Boutique Japan in the future and recommend them to anyone interested in a customized journey to Japan. Thank you so much!”

charles lewis boutique japan testimonial

Charles & Jana Lewis, Austin, Texas | Anniversary Trip

“In the era of TripAdvisor, Expedia, and the Internet, do travel agents still serve a purpose? I’m afraid many travelers look at them like they’re members of a moribund industry. After using Boutique Japan, I can say that that the best niche travel boutiques are not only useful, but indispensable.

“I travel a great deal on my own — to Italy and France – but before this trip, always on my own. However, I’d never been to a country like Japan before, one with such profound cultural and linguistic differences from America’s. Hence, I thought I could probably use some help. The owner, Andres Zuleta, proved himself a cognoscente of Japanese culture. He is fully bilingual and steeped in the subtleties of Japanese life. His insider knowledge and connections proved invaluable. The whole group undertook the trip with very lofty expectations, yet Andres still managed to exceed them. Our highest compliments to him!

“Andres custom designed our itinerary to provide an ideal balance between old and new, fast and slow, traditional rural and urban chic. Even better than the planning, however, was the service. We especially appreciated each of our four guides. Their expertise added immeasurably to our experience.

“I cannot thank Andres and Boutique Japan enough for arranging and executing a 30th anniversary trip that we will never forget. While I remain largely an Italian at heart, I think there’s a bit of Nihon-Jin in there too. What’s not to love? Fantastic food, fascinating sights, great tradition, genuine hospitality, and amazing technology. I hope to return one day, again with Boutique Japan’s guidance.”

Boutique Japan Testimonials

Rupert Miller, UK | Vacation

“Just back from a ten-day trip in Japan which the team from Boutique Japan Travel helped put together. It was a fantastic trip and the team were really helpful in providing lots of information about Japan before I left, especially about transport and making the most of our time in Tokyo. I really can’t recommend them enough, thank you Andres!”

Boutique Japan Testimonials

Keri and Marvin, Los Angeles | Family Trip

“We really had a terrific trip! Can’t thank you enough for the thoughtful planning and recommendations along the way.

“From Naoshima for the guys (a huge highlight), to the magical Kyoto of temples, bamboo forests and geishas, to Sumo in Osaka, through the restful Ryokan and walking around Shuzenji Onsen on a rainy day, and finally to vibrant Tokyo where we felt we only scratched the surface but loved wandering and eating and people watching — it was a remarkable introduction to Japan.”

boutique japan testimonials kristin new york

Kristin, New York | Vacation

“Boutique Japan did an excellent job coordinating our 2-week trip. This included making all of our hotel/ryokan/temple arrangements; obtaining all of our train tickets and subway passes; arranging for several guides throughout the trip; obtaining tickets to a geisha dance show; arranging for a tea ceremony; and arranging airport transfers.

“Andres is extremely well-informed about Japan, responds promptly to emails, and provided innumerable recommendations and reassurances over the 9 months preceding our trip. Once in Japan, everything went off flawlessly–there literally was not a single hitch. I recommend Boutique Japan unqualifiedly if you are organizing a trip to Japan.”

boutique japan testimonials peter california

Peter, California | Family Trip

“Boutique Japan did a great job planning our initial trip to Tokyo and Kyoto. The detail and personal attention from pre-booking to trip conclusion were fantastic. Andres and his crew created an itinerary that was responsive to our need to keep high school and middle school students engaged.”

boutique japan testimonials robert and elaine kyoto

Robert & Elaine, Florida | Couples Trip

“Their service and responsiveness were fantastic. Emails with questions were always answered within hours. Their written materials were comprehensive and very detailed. They pretty much removed any anxieties we had about traveling independently in a country where we did not speak the local language and vice versa.

“The hotels they selected were well located within our preferred areas and were good value for our price range. The guides they provided were uniformly excellent and greatly enhanced our trip. Their use of a “flight concierge ” was extremely helpful. By the time we landed in the U.S., we were told ( while still taxiing) that our connecting flight had been cancelled and we were rebooked. This was a great relief as we contemplated the line of people waiting to rebook themselves.

“This company is definitely an expert on Japan and we would recommend that anyone planning a trip there check with them first.”

boutique japan testimonials anne and myron canada

Anne and Myron, Ottawa | Couples Trip

“When my husband first approached me about a trip to Japan I was very apprehensive. Apprehensive about the distance, apprehensive about undertaking such a trip at our age as we are no longer ‘spring chickens.’ I was apprehensive about the food, apprehensive about pretty well everything. The stars must have aligned that day as I researched the Internet and quickly found Boutique Japan.

“From our initial phone contact Andres and his team at Boutique Japan have been nothing but professional and respectful and have given us exemplary service. Andres listens to where your interests lie and incorporates those interests into a personalized itinerary. We could not have been happier. From our initial ‘get to know you’ phone call right through to arranging our trip, having a personalized origami card welcoming us at our first hotel in Tokyo, to keeping contact with us during our trip as well as a welcoming home email waiting for us, Andres and his team at Boutique Japan were professional all the way. We felt like royalty.

“We could not have asked for better service and Boutique Japan has made our dream trip become a reality. No stone was left unturned and we highly recommend Boutique Japan. We firmly believe that it would be difficult to find another travel agency who would give such incredible five-star service. Our hats off to all of you. We are forever grateful for giving us the most incredible trip of our lives.”

Testimonial for Boutique Japan

Gary & Shiona, Australia | Couples Trip

“We are just settling back after a truly wonderful trip during which every aspect was quite special. The itinerary was full of highlights, superbly structured and finely organized – even down to the ‘comfortable’ 4-minute train change in Nagoya.

“Boutique Japan brought the team’s deep knowledge of Japan to bear to develop a range of experiences that met all our objectives, and in many case exceeded them. It has provided us with a much better informed view of Japan and its wonderful people, landscapes, food, drink and history. Each location added additional layers to the context of the culture and created its own special memory.

“The guides assigned to us were knowledgeable and truly engaged with our interests and us and were great company. They all freely shared their knowledge and opinions and added much to our experience.

“Thank you for all your efforts in smoothly compiling the itinerary especially after we had to cancel the original timing and reschedule this almost identical trip in October.

“Thank you so much for assisting us to meet our goals for this trip in a comprehensive and delightful fashion. Boutique Japan’s service far exceeded anything we have experienced from any other agents.”

Boutique Japan Testimonials

Casey & TJ, New York City | Honeymoon

“Boutique Japan designed the perfect luxury honeymoon.

“Organizing a trip can be a challenging task, so we were thrilled to find someone as knowledgeable and easy to work with as Andres. We were consistently impressed with the attention to detail in each element of the journey.

“Boutique Japan exceeded our expectations. From booking truly impressive accommodations to securing sumo tournament tickets, it was truly a special trip. We will not hesitate to recommend Boutique Japan to our family and friends!”

Jennifer and Ray Australia Boutique Japan Testimonials

Jennifer & Ray, Australia | Couples Trip

“We would like to thank Boutique Japan for all of the great choices and suggestions for our recent holiday. We had the most fabulous time – we expected to, but it was even better than we expected.

“Highlights were the guides – they were all terrific and so enthusiastic. And the evening at Takimi No Ie – what a treat that was! The hospitality and superb food presented to us was simply wonderful.

“You did a great job of matching our likes/needs with the locations (hotel types, food, the spectacular mountain region). And we have both said, we’ll have to come back in autumn!”

Evening skyline Tokyo Japan

Daniel Weinand, Canada | Friends Trip

“Thank you so much for arranging our travel!

“It was such a wonderful time and I can’t wait to go back to Japan. It wouldn’t have been this amazing experience without your help.

“Everything worked out perfectly and the schedule was spaced out and paced in a way that allowed us to explore some things while never feeling lost. The guides were all top-notch.”

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