It’s Andres, from Boutique Japan.

This month’s postcard comes from the industrial city of Nagoya:

Despite the perfect location, right on the bullet train’s path from Tokyo to Kyoto, the city of Nagoya doesn’t get much love… or visitors.

I’ve liked Nagoya since the first time I visited, but not enough to eagerly crave a return visit, or ardently recommend it to our travelers (except as a pit stop en route to the beautiful Kiso Valley.

But, after my recent last visit, the city continues to grow on me. Like the great city of Osaka, Nagoya is not a very pretty city. Yet it possesses a gritty charm, no shortage of colorful and lively neighborhoods, and a thriving little food scene.

During my last visit I had the chance to dine at a beautiful kaiseki restaurant called Natsune, which specializes in modern Japanese paired with carefully chosen sake.

Housed in a lovely old building, the restaurant (at which chef and all staff are female) also doubles as a ceramics gallery. While not much if any English is spoken, it’s worth seeking out if you are planning a visit to the surprisingly charming industrial city of Nagoya.

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Founder, Boutique Japan

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